What is your dream smart home?

If you could describe your dream Smart Home, what would it be?

Our Cre8tive Rooms team our surrounded by all sorts of technology everyday, and with every project being so vastly different, we thought it would be fun to share with you what some of our team feel the most important and exciting features are to them and how they would describe their dream smart home.

Finally, we talk to our Marketing Manager, Tash, who describes her dream smart home:

“My dream smart home would be a contemporary Scandinavian style house with a focus on home audio, smart lighting and a luxury outdoor space where I can enjoy hosting BBQs and dinner parties.

Multi-room audio is really important to me and much more of a necessity than multiple televisions in the home. Whatever I’m doing, I’ve always got music on in the background so having the luxury of it playing in every room across the house and distributed perfectly in each room enables me to continue to get on with what I’m doing without having to worry about carrying my phone around with me or having a radio in each room.

I also love the idea of having invisible speakers behind the walls and ceiling, ensuring the technology doesn’t interfere with the interiors of my home!

Smart lighting is also very important and something I would definitely consider. Having the ability to control and schedule the lighting from your phone is perfect for security purposes. It’s great to be able to schedule the lights to come on for a few hours in the evening whilst you’re away on holiday. Showing activity in your home will definitely deter any unwanted burglaries.

It’s also nice to know that your lights will be on if you are coming home late at night, so you don’t have to walk in to a house of darkness.

Also, I’m not sure about you but my husband and I are forever getting into bed and then trying to persuade each other to go and switch the light off or annoyingly we forgot to turn a light off downstairs. A simple ‘lights off’ button on your smart phone or simple wall panel beside your bed works perfectly for this.


I love being outdoors and we are often hosting BBQ’s at our house. The garden would have distributed outdoor speakers, smart lighting and an outdoor TV so that we can continue to entertain our guests long into the night.


I could go on and on but finally a garden room that is converted into a high-tech home cinema would be perfect to hold movies nights with my friends over the winter months. I like the idea of having a separate garden room for the cinema so that it doesn’t take over the main house and you have two separate places to entertain your friends and family.”


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