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We specialise in the design and installation of lighting control systems that allow every light in your home to be controlled from a single device. We can install smart lighting as a standalone product or integrate lighting control into a full home automation system.

Smart Lighting Control

We believe that smart lighting control is the ultimate way to manage the lighting inside your home. It’s time to say goodbye to large panels of switches and hello to a more efficient and elegant way of lighting your home.

Smart lighting control allows multiple light circuits to be programmed and controlled in a simple and intelligent way. Create custom commands that allow you to turn on/off multiple lights with a single tap or define and save your favourite scenes in each room depending on how you like it. Once a lighting control system is installed, the options and opportunity for change become truly limitless.

Smart Lighting Control

Home Automation Lighting

We work with industry leading lighting control systems such as Rako and Lutron. Lighting control can be installed as a standalone product or integrated seamlessly with a home automation system such as Control4 or Savant. Whether you’re looking for a single room or a whole house system, there is no company better suited for the job.

Home automation lighting allows you to program and automate your lighting at designated times or in synchronisation with other technology in the home. You could dim the lights when your cinema is activated for example, or gradually light your en-suite first thing in the morning. Not only does this make your life more convenient, but it can be particularly beneficial for your home security, allowing you to keep your home ‘alive’ whilst you and your family are away.

Control4 Lighting Control

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