F1 Racing Simulators  F1 Racing Simulators

Our F1 racing simlator is the most exclusive and realistic racing simulator available today.

F1 Racing Simulator

The hyper racing simulator is the best, most exclusive and realistic racing simulator available today. You can drive all the F1 circuits to a very realistic level or you can drive your favourite car around your favourite circuit, downloaded from the R-Factor world. It is currently the only formula ergonomic simulator body on the market. This means that you are fully surrounded by the simulator for a totally immersive feeling.

The cars are available in custom paint, be it in your favourite team colours, your company colours or your favourite car. The systems are made to a very high standard with resistant steering and pedals.

F1 Racing Simulators

Installation & Integration

The systems fully integrate with home cinemas and other simulation technologies. They are available with single or three screens and multiple systems can be set up to race against each other. At the same time, they do not take up much space and can fold in half for storage.

  • Connects to any home theatre system
  • Can be used with three screens
  • Hand painted with your team’s favourite colours
  • Corporate branding available
  • F1 steering wheel with gear flippers
  • Carbon fibre or leather race seat
  • Drilled pedals
  • Rear wing
  • High specification computer
  • Speaker system with headphones
  • Shaker and amp
  • Support delivery and installation
F1 Racing Simulators