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We specialise in the design and installation of luxury home cinemas. Each home cinema we install is completely bespoke and tailored to your space. We are based in Surrey but work nationwide and offer solutions to suit all budgets and requirements.

Home Cinema Installation Home Cinema Installation

We specialise in the design and installation of luxury home cinema rooms. No matter the size or shape of your room, our team of experts will create a completely bespoke solution, allowing you to enjoy the magic of cinema in your own home.

We manage all aspects of your home cinema installation, from design and any initial construction works through to wiring, equipment sourcing and calibration, carpeting and decorating. With a wealth of experience in residential technology, we can advise on the very best solution to not only meet your budget but to make the absolute most of your home cinema.

Home Cinema Design Home Cinema Design

Designing home cinema is one of our biggest passions. By visiting our wonderful clients’ homes, we are able to take all the necessary measurements to create accurate CAD drawings of their cinema room. We can then start to experiment with layouts until we find the perfect solution for viewing experience, practicality and comfort.

We then pass these finalised CAD drawings onto our CGI team who can create incredible 3D visuals of what the room will look like on completion. These are fantastic for sharing with the client and allow for further experimentation with design.

Home Cinema Specification Home Cinema Specification

We work to industry leading standards to ensure that your home cinema delivers a completely immersive experience. Choosing the perfect mix of hardware for each project allows us to create Dolby certified sound and stunning 4k resolution without ever ‘over-speccing’ and installing excessive home cinema equipment that you ultimately do not need.

With a huge range of options from hidden speakers, ultra-short throw projectors, ceiling speakers and more, rest assured that once expertly calibrated by one of our professionals, we can deliver a cinematic experience to rival even the most prestigious public cinemas.

Bespoke Home Cinema Features Bespoke Home Cinema Features

Once your home cinema is delivering crystal clear picture and beautifully balanced sound, there may be further steps you wish to implement to create the perfect experience. We offer a range of bespoke features including hidden LED mood lighting, fibre optic star scape ceilings, acoustic wall coverings, motorised black-out blinds, authentic cinema seats, cocktail mixing stations and more.

The opportunities truly are endless and often very much achievable within your budget. Having installed north of one hundred home cinemas in the past, there is absolutely nothing that is out of reach. Taking on a project with us is about making your dreams a reality so don’t hesitate to dream big.

Home Cinema Automation Home Cinema Automation

Alongside home cinema, we specialise in smart home systems and home automation. This is something which can catapult your cinema room into the future. At the touch of a button we can program your projector to fire up, your blinds to lower, your lighting to dim and your underfloor heating to kick in. Want to pause the film? Why not program the lights to come back on at the same time.

With the option of a bespoke wall panel, smart phone app or even a custom touch screen remote control, using your home cinema has never been so easy or enjoyable. Smart home technology is incredibly powerful and can be spread throughout the home. To read more about home automation, check out our Smart Homes page here.

Our Signature Design Our Signature Design

Check out this beautiful example of one of our signature home cinemas. Our signature design consists of: 4k projector and screen, authentic cinema seating, bespoke padded walls and hidden colour-changing LED lighting.

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