Automated Blinds  Automated Blinds

We install and integrate the amazing Q Motion automated blinds into your smart home system, controlling them with just the touch of a button.

Home Automation Systems

We specialise in making your home life more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable with the power of home automation. Having worked with smart home automation systems for many years, we are experts on maximising the impact of your residential technology and designing a smart home which is tailored exclusively to you.

We install industry leading smart home systems such as Control4 and Savant which allow you to control, synchronise and schedule all of the technology in your home from one user-friendly app. Play your favourite music throughout the house, control the lighting and heating in each room, program your blinds to open and close, answer the front door remotely… The possibilities are endless and can all be controlled with the touch of a button.

Cre8tive Rooms offer the complete smart home package; from the initial design of the system, to the cabling and installation of hardware and finally the programming and automation of your home. We also offer an unrivalled after-care support service which ensures that your home automation system continues to work seamlessly and adapts to your ever-changing lifestyle.

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Smart Home Automation System

Multi-Room Audio & Video

As music lovers, multi-room audio is one of our favourite smart home automation features. Fill your entire house with beautiful sound at the touch of a button, program your favourite song to play every morning and stream the latest music from anywhere in the house. We work with leading suppliers such as Artcoustic, Sonance and Bowers & Wilkins to install crisp and punchy sound systems that tie in perfectly with your home automation system.

Multi-room video is practicality redefined. Turn every screen in your home into a Smart TV without a black box or a cable in sight. With one central hub you can watch Netflix, Sky, catch up TV and more in whichever room you please all with one custom programmed remote control. What’s more, your home automation system can push the sound to your speakers for a more immersive viewing experience.

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Multi-Room Audio Installation

Lighting Control

Smart home automation replaces traditional light switches with beautiful custom programmed wall panels. Control each light manually or choose from your favourite pre-set scenes and experience the wonder that is lighting control.

Dim the lights when your TV is activated, light up your en-suite first thing in the morning, activate the outside lights in the evening. A home automation system allows you to program your lights to come on and off at set times and intervals. Not only does this make your life more convenient, but it is particularly beneficial for your home security, allowing you to keep your smart home ‘alive’ whilst you and your family are away.

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Home Automation Lighting Control

Heating Control

Smart home automation allows you to take full control of your heating and energy consumption. By installing multiple smart thermostats, we allow you to control and program the heating in every single room of the house. Want the heating to come on in the morning, but only downstairs? A home automation system makes it possible, all with the touch of a button.

Home automation also allows you to control your heating remotely. Coming home from a meeting early? Simply flick the heating on from your smart phone or device and walk into the ultimate comfort when you return.

Home Automation Heating Control

Automated Blinds

Smart home automation allows you to control your blinds remotely and synchronise their movement with other functions in the home. In a cinema room for example, simply touch a button and the lights could dim, the blinds lower and the screen and speakers come to life. Combining automated blinds with lighting control can also lead to a more energy efficient home.

At Cre8tive Rooms, we install and integrate the amazing Q-Motion blinds which come in a vast range of fabrics and offer both a wired and battery powered solution depending on when they are fitted. Q-Motion blinds integrate seamlessly with Control4 home automation systems have an extremely sleek motion which is virtually silent.

Automated Blinds Home Automation

CCTV & Security

Security is one of the key purposes and advantages of a smart home. Do you ever wonder if you have locked the front door? Well a home automation system can allow you to control locks remotely, or even send you push notifications when something has been locked or left unlocked. Live streaming CCTV footage is simply not enough to give the homeowner the peace of mind that they need nowadays. Home automation tackles security at the source and minimises the risk of any danger by putting good security practices in place for you.

Alarm systems, entry systems, CCTV recording and number plate recognition can all be integrated into your smart home system for a complete security solution. Combined with lighting control and automated blinds, you can program your home to simulate your families activity when you’re away, providing additional security and the ultimate peace of mind.

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Home Automation CCTV & Security

Home Wifi

When running any sort of smart home automation system, a solid WiFi network is absolutely essential. The average smart home has countless devices connected to its network, which all need a strong connection in order to perform at their maximum capacity. By installing multiple access points, Cre8tive Rooms are able to create bulletproof networks which allow you to enjoy full and unlimited connectivity anywhere you please.

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Home Network Installation

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