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We specialise in the design and installation of luxury golf simulators. Our golf simulators can be installed in almost any space, from living rooms to cruise liners and can even be combined with a home cinema for a more multi-functional solution.

Luxury Golf Simulators

We specialise in the design and installation of luxury golf simulators. Drawing from many years of experience in the golf technology sector, our team can create completely bespoke solution which allows you to play more than 190 of the world’s most famous courses from the comfort of your own home.

Our state-of-the-art golf simulators use Sports Coach GSX which is the most realistic golf simulator technology on the market. High speed cameras capture swing path, impact and ball flight in a 3D format to deliver an incredibly accurate experience as well as informative analysis and feedback.

Golf Simulator Cabins

We understand that converting a room inside your home into a golf simulator may not always a viable option, no matter how serious your golf addiction may be. Golf simulator cabins make the perfect solution, providing a private and dedicated space for play and practice without any alterations to your home (or marital status).

We manage every step of your garden golf simulator cabin in house; from the clearance and construction of the cabin itself, right through to the golf simulator installation and calibration. Our golf simulator cabins come with upholstered walls, astro-turf putting greens, 4k projectors and more. We can even combine your garden golf simulator log cabin with a home cinema for a more family friendly solution.

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Golf Simulator Cabin

Sports Coach GSX Golf Simulator

Sports Coach GSX is the software we use for our luxury golf simulators. It delivers an incredibly realistic golfing experience and the and most accurate swing detection system available in a golf simulator today. It features the world’s most famous golf courses which have been reproduced with such jaw-dropping precision it actually feels like you are there. Every single detail has been taken into consideration with this software, from the subtle swaying of the trees in the wind, the real passing of time, the real-world reference points, it is truly breath-taking.

Combining this futuristic software with a fully immersive surround sound system and astro-turf putting green, we feel that our golf simulators are the closest possible alternative you can get to the actual golf course. Our Sports Coach GSX golf simulators can transport you to your favourite golf courses worldwide, or allow you to practice a specific course ahead of a golfing trip, right from your own home. Now that’s impressive!

Sports Coach GSX Golf Simulator

Golf Simulator Demonstration

Golf Simulator Installation

Our highly experienced Cre8tive team install the golf simulators to the highest standards and provide support from concept through to completion. When purchasing an Indoor Golf Simulator from us, you are turning your dreams into reality.

The simulators can be fitted with bespoke materials for the wall and ceilings that allow all fixtures and fittings to be hidden, creating a smart and professional gaming system. The software is driven by a wall mounted touch screen and high-quality speakers are installed to create that incredible atmosphere.

Golf Simulators

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