Nick O’s Dream Smart Home

If you could describe your dream Smart Home, what would it be?

Our team are surrounded by all sorts of technology everyday, and with every project being so vastly different, we thought it would be fun to share with you what some of our team feel the most important and exciting features are to them and how they would describe their dream smart home.

Our company Director, Nick Oke, shares what he sees as his ideal smart home.

“I’m picturing an urban loft style apartment. Think New York.

In the bathroom I would have a mirror that displays my daily agenda, weather report, and perhaps the current traffic report. Also, the glass panel on the shower enclosure would be electrochromic so I can ‘dim’ it to opaque. Music and low-level lighting would come on automatically.

*Waterproof bathroom TV by Proofvision.

Throughout the home I would have motion sensitive lighting, then I could get rid of all the switches! Each room would have at least two circuits of lights, so I can create some nice scenes.

Underfloor heating would be linked to my GPS and the weather, so it’s only on when I’m home and compensates for hot days.

Solar panels would collect energy and divert it to my electric car chargers when necessary.

I’m not too bothered about AV, so a decent picture frame TV with some hidden plaster over speakers would look nice, but still sound great if I whacked a movie on.

For me, a Smart Home takes care of all the boring things for me. It’s truly automated letting me simply wander around and stuff just happens. If it’s all setup well then switches, remotes, apps, and other controls aren’t really necessary.”

If you’re interested in creating your dream smart home, please contact us today.

*Samsung The Frame TV