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We specialise in the design and installation of bulletproof home networks so that you can enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted internet access wherever and whenever you might need it.

Home Network Installation

In the modern day, we are spending more time at home than ever before. Many of us choose to work from home, exercise at home, relax at home and entertain our friends and family at home. It is undeniable that the internet now plays a crucial part in many of these daily routines, which is why a solid home network installation has never been so important.

We believe that internet connection should not have to be a consideration in the modern home. This is why we take such great pride in the design and installation of hassle-free home networks. We guarantee that our home networks will give you unlimited connectivity wherever you may need it and have zero impact on how you would usually connect and stay connected to the internet.

Home Network Installation

Access Point Installation

Your wireless router may actually be working harder than you realise, but foil-backed insulation, steels and all manner of other things hiding in your walls and ceilings could be killing its signal before it has had a chance to reach you. This is particularly true for larger properties as the further away you are from your router, the weaker your internet signal will be.

Wireless access point installation allows us to ‘cover’ your entire home with unlimited wifi connectivity so that you can benefit from a super strong signal wherever you might need it. Wireless access points are essentially wifi ‘boosters’ which are installed in various places around the home and link back to your router to boost its signal. When programmed correctly, you won’t even need to hop between different wifi’s, it will be the same one you stay connected to, just much stronger!

Wireless Access Point Installation

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