Since 1998, Artcoustic has been at the forefront of crafting exceptional loudspeakers that offer cinema-quality sound. Their high-performance, modular speakers are meticulously handcrafted and can be customised to seamlessly integrate with any interior decor, ensuring an unmatched audio experience true to its origins.

Cinema-Quality Loudspeakers for Everyday Living

Driven by a passion for performance, functionality, and design, Artcoustic has reimagined the traditional loudspeaker with a contemporary flair. After years of dedicated design and technical innovation, they have developed a loudspeaker that delivers outstanding sound quality and a stylish appearance, achieving a perfect balance without compromising either aspect.

“Partnering with Cre8tive Rooms has been an incredible experience. It’s truly exciting to collaborate with a company that shares our passion for exceptional design and outstanding audio quality. We’ve successfully completed numerous cinema and home audio projects together, and we anticipate many more in the future.” – Paul, Artcoustic UK

Powerful Performance

Artcoustic leads the industry in Sound Pressure Level (SPL) per watt, thanks to the exceptional sensitivity of their loudspeakers. This allows you to achieve reference dynamic range with minimal amplifier power.

Their array speakers not only meet but exceed the rigorous Dolby Atmos output requirements (105 dB – 115dB) at reference listening positions. Artcoustic loudspeakers deliver incredibly high output, making them ideal for even the most demanding systems.

Their line source array technology offers an open and transparent sound typically found in Hi-Fi point source speakers, combined with the high sensitivity and sound pressure levels of a compression-horn design.

Modular Design

Artcoustic provides a versatile and extensive range of loudspeakers to ensure the perfect setup for any application.

Their modular design allows all speakers to be scalable – from their smallest to our largest models, delivering consistent tonality and quality across the board.

Whether you need a home music system, a dedicated home cinema, or a solution for a commercial space, Artcoustic has the ideal loudspeaker to meet your needs.

Customisable Options

Artcoustic offers a unique canvas, allowing you to create your own distinctive style. They’ve perfected the form and performance; now, the look is up to you.

In just a few simple steps, you can personalise your loudspeakers to complement your interior. Select from a range of NCS or RAL colours for the cabinet, opt for a matching coloured screen, or choose a digitally printed artwork.

Their customisable loudspeakers come standard in black or white with matching screens. Thanks to magnetic mounts, all screens are interchangeable, giving you the freedom to change your speaker’s appearance whenever you like.

Why Artcoustic?

Artcoustic provide a comprehensive and flexible range of loudspeakers to ensure the perfect setup for any application. Together, our bespoke solutions enable us to deliver the ultimate sound experience for any interior.

Our in-house design service allows us to select the most suitable model for each application. This scientific, mathematical, and independent approach ensures that every design recommendation is backed by solid data and explained clearly.

On Wall Speakers

SL Evolve 2-1

SL Evolve 2-1 is a very flexible loudspeaker, designed for use in smaller rooms for home cinema or Hi-Fi, as well as multi-room applications in kitchens, bedrooms and studies. The SL Series has been subjected to several years of intensive testing and fine-tuning to deliver a truly unique and groundbreaking loudspeaker range.

SL Evolve 4-2

The entry level configuration of Artcoustic’s high sound pressure level and modular SL array. Perfect for serious audio systems and home cinemas. The challenge was to create a loudspeaker capable of the dynamics and power of a horn-loaded design, but with the accuracy and quality of a Hi-Fi design.

SL Evolve 8-4

The mid to high level configuration of Artcoustic’s high sound pressure level and modular SL array. Perfect for serious audio systems and home cinemas, delivering higher dynamics and output than the 6-3 version. The SL Series includes further versions up to and including the 24-12.

Cinema Speakers

Spitfire A4

The A4 is a high SPL reinforcement speaker for cinema arrays. Use it with the Spitfire A6 to build larger arrays. It can also function wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted as a surround and overhead speaker in larger sound pressure level demanding cinema applications. The Spitfire Series is designed for the finest dedicated home cinemas, with different configurations to suit almost any room size.

Spitfire A6

The A6 is a true high SPL all-rounder and can be used as a single sound reinforcement speaker, or mounted as multiples with adjustable angles. The Spitfire Series also performs exceptionally when wall or ceiling-mounted for surround and overhead roles in high sound pressure level cinema applications. Specifically tailored for top-tier home cinemas, its various configurations cater to nearly any room size.

Spitfire A10

The Spitfire A4 and the Spitfire A6 combined into a Spitfire 10-5 Array configuration. The speakers are joined with the specially-made Spitfire Array Bracket to achieve the exact angle needed for optimal sound performance. Amplify the arrays according to room size, listening position, and seating rows. In an Artcoustic Spitfire Cinema, there will be no cheap seats!