We help you get your garden ready for the Summer

Hello Summer!

It’s now time to get your garden ready for those BBQ’s and garden parties ensuring it is kitted out with the latest Smart Home technology.

We reveal some of the best outdoor smart home technologies that can transform your garden into the ultimate outdoor haven. Create an outdoor space that your family and friends will never want to leave.

Home Wifi

Since most of today’s technology requires a solid network to perform accordingly, you want to ensure you have a strong network that will stretch to your outdoor space enabling you to stream your music seamlessly and control your light settings.


Outdoor lighting is a really important factor to consider when designing and preparing your outdoor space. When the sun goes down and you are entertaining your guests, you’ll want to continue to comfortably enjoy the evening ahead. Intelligent lighting systems such as Rako Lighting provide simple, easy to use and cost-effective lighting solutions for both new builds and existing homes.


There are many outdoor speaker solutions that can be evenly distributed and situated across your garden. Sonance have a fantastic range that can be selected to suit your garden design. Sonance Landscape Series are designed to deliver perfectly even coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any size or space. They can be completely hidden amongst your plants and foliage therefore not altering the look and feel of our garden design.


Smart Technology not only allows you to stream your music outside, you can also add projectors and outdoor TVs to your outdoor space, enabling you to watch your favourite movies under the stars or watch the match with a beer and a burger with the guys. ProofVision have a fantastic range of high quality, no glare, outdoor TVs as shown in the images below.

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