The benefits of installing a Golf Simulator

The British Open is currently on in Carnoustie and what better way to get involved than letting you know all the fantastic benefits of installing your very own Golf Simulator.

Play all year round

Our systems have been designed to provide an incredibly realistic indoor golf environment for both playing and practicing. These components transport you to an ‘indoor golf experience’ where you can practice golf in a warm environment, whilst having fun.

Flexibility and Accuracy

Our Golf Simulators come with 40 pre-programme courses however, there are 160 other well known courses that can be added, allowing you to play and practice on a variety of courses. You can play 9, 18 or just a few holes with the system allowing you to stop at anytime, automatically calculating your scorecard based on your handicaps.

The golf simulator uses high speed cameras to track the golf ball. One is mounted in the ceiling; it tracks ball speed, direction and spin. The second is mounted at floor level to the side, this tracks vertical launch angle and ball speed. A 3D model of flight is therefore produced from stationary ball on the tee to impact of the screen. The cameras also use the latest infra-red technology mounted in the ceiling to light the path of the golf ball.

Make use of unused space

Golf Simulators are perfect as they don’t require too much space to install, allowing you to make use of some unused space such as garage, basement, spare room or garden room. We recommend a height and width of 3 metres and a depth of 5 metres which ensures clearance for us to hang the projector and also enough clearance for your swing.

Play, Practice or Competitions

As well as over 200 courses to choose, they also have a driving range section so you can continue to practice your shots for the games and competitions. You can play for fun or choose from a number of competitions from medal, stableford and skins.

A high majority of our customers love the accuracy for short game the 3D cameras give them when compared against other systems. High shots, chip shots and pitch and runs are all tracked with high levels of accuracy. The fastest way to lower your handicap is to sharpen up your short game and the GPS simulator really helps this.

Use Your Own Clubs

Golf Simulators allow you to use your own equipment which is hugely beneficial if you want to continually improve your game. The result is an amazingly accurate ball flight and an indoor golf experience that is second to none. At no stage do you have to tell the system what club you are hitting; the system shows true ball flight -fades, draws, shaped shots and shanks.

Get in touch if you would like to bring the golf course indoors!