Kingswood Control4 Home Automation

Control4 Smart Home Installation in Kingswood, Surrey

Cre8tive Rooms were selected as the standalone AV contractor at this luxury new build property in Kingswood, Surrey. We were tasked with the design and implementation of a wide array of residential technology spanning home automation, security and entertainment as well as installing a bespoke cinema room and golf simulator. Here’s a little break down of each section of this property’s technology in more detail.

Home Network

The backbone of any smart home is the network that powers it and this property was no different. With super fast internet and a system of indoor and outdoor access points covering the entire property and its grounds, seamless use of both the smart home system as well as other wifi dependant devices can be enjoyed in every possible location.

Home Automation

Control4 was chosen as the operating system that would bring this smart home together and allow the different systems within the home to be programmed and automated alongside one another. All of the technology within the home can be effortlessly controlled using the Control4 app via a smart phone or on the various wall-mounted touch pads around the property.

Smart Lighting

As well as the operating system itself, Control4 also powers all of the lighting in the home. This gives total control over the lighting in each room and allows lighting to be automated alongside other commands, for example, turning everything in the home off when leaving to conserve energy. We use custom Control4 light switches to select preset lighting shades in each room. These are temporarily labelled at first until the homeowners are happy with their configuration before being beautifully engraved with custom names. What’s more, the switches are also programmed to turn on TVs and other features such as music as well as just lighting.

Video & Audio Distribution

The entire property benefits from centralised audio and video distribution. That means that music can be played in almost every room at the touch of a button, even in the sauna and steam room. It also means that every TV in the property has access to the same wide range of viewing services without the need for multiple boxes in every room.

Smart Locks & Gate Control

Control4 powers the front gates and intercom system in this property meaning visitors can be greeted any place at any time. External doors also have smart locks that can be programmed to open with the homeowners’ fingerprints or when using the Control4 app.

Security & Leak Detection

The property benefits from a professional CCTV system that can be watched in real time from the Control4 app, giving total peace of mind when home or away. There is also a custom leak detection system and automation that has been programmed within Control4. Essentially, small leak detection devices are placed around the property and should a leak be registered, a system of events is set in motion that shuts off the water supply to the property to prevent any damage and emails an alert to the homeowners so that they can resolve it immediately.