Kyle Bartley Golf Simulator

F1 Racing & Golf Simulator Garage Conversion

Here we have another triple garage conversion completed for Premier League footballer Kyle Bartley. We were given a similar brief to Ben Stokes’ golf simulator, to split the garage into one third on the left for storage with the garage door remaining in use, and two thirds on the right with a dividing wall for the simulator. The golf simulator area was given a “sunken” effect to allow for some bespoke shelves to be fitted either side with lighting. The simulator itself features two high speed cameras which track both the club and ball for an incredibly accurate and informative experience. In addition to the golf, a custom hyper racing simulator seat was made in the Black Lives Matters Mercedes AMG livery which looks absolutely amazing. It folds up really easily to be stored at the back of the room and has been configured to work on both F1 2020 and Project Cars 2 with a chassis shaker and feedback through the Fanatec F1 wheel. The realism to just incredible! The client kindly said “The room is amazing guys, better than I could have imagined… I’m so so happy.” We wish Kyle many hours of fun in the room and hope the handicap comes tumbling down!