Garden Golf Simulator Cabin  Garden Golf Simulator Cabins

Cre8tive Rooms offer a complete Garden Golf Simulator package which includes design, construction of the cabin, and internal fit out with simulator technology.

What Is A Garden Golf Simulator Cabin? What Is A Garden Golf Simulator Cabin?

A Garden Golf Simulator Cabin is a popular solution for those who do not have the space inside their home or garage to dedicate to a golf simulator, but do have plenty of outside space. A garden structure (cabin) is purposely built to house a golf simulator set up and connected to the main property’s services for electricity and internet connectivity.

What Size Does The Golf Cabin Need To Be? What Size Does The Golf Cabin Need To Be?

The size of your Golf Cabin will vary depending on the size of your outdoor space and what additional features you wish to add (mini bar, home cinema functionality, pool table), if any. As a general rule of thumb, you would require at least 3m internal ceiling height in order to swing a golf club comfortably.

Blast From The Past…

Here is a stunning example of a golf simulator cabin we installed back in 2015 (yes, that long ago!). Complete with black carpeted walls, quality astro-turf putting green, three screen wrap-around projection and air conditioning, this virtual golf log cabin was the perfect fit for our client who did not have the internal space to dedicate to a golf simulator. This garden golf simulator was also installed with a full AV package, allowing it to be used as a media room for TV and home cinema when not in use.

What Golf Simulator Do We Use? Which Golf Simulator Do We Use?

Our state of the art Golf Simulators use Foresight FSX technology to deliver the ultimate indoor golfing experience. The system has been designed to provide an incredibly realistic indoor golf environment for both playing and practicing. We believe that Foresight is the best Golf Simulator on the market today and would always recommend this to our clients.

Do We Have To Install The Cabin? Do We Have To Install The Cabin?

Whilst we do offer a turn-key solution including design and construction of your Golf Cabin, this is not a requirement. We would be happy to work with an external contractor to deliver a garden cabin fit for purpose, or equally retrofit a simulator inside an existing structure (provided the size was sufficient).

Back To The Future…

Check out this video of a more recent Foresight Sports Golf Simulator Cabin we installed in West Sussex in 2022 (view the full project here). You can also view our three most recent golf simulator projects below it. This will help you get a more accurate idea of what one of our Golf Simulator Cabins might look like today and how far we have come with our design and final specification.

Golf Simulator Installation Turners Hill

Golf Simulator Garden Cabin Installation

Golf Simulator Installation Stroud

Golf Simulator Installation in Gloucestershire

Westerham Home Cinema Installation

Home Cinema Installation in Westerham, Kent

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