Full Home Automation in Berkshire

Savant Smart Home Berkshire

A full Savant Smart Home in Berkshire that was built from the ground up to the customers’ exact specifications. This includes the immaculate interior decor by Alexander James Interiors and the technology maintained by us.

The owners have worked in the technology industries themselves, so when designing this family home they wanted to experiment with residential technology as a matter of personal interest.

They have a whole home Audio Visual distribution system all controlled with Savant, including some premium voice controlled remotes. It gives them the ability to create automatic schedules and shortcut buttons, such as bringing on their favourite music in all rooms at once, or even a Pool Party for their friends. The system is so user friendly that even the kids use it for their games!

Rako lighting throughout gives them simple keypads on the walls. Each lighting scene can be adjusted using the app if they wish, many lighting circuits all respond as one, and give an attractive and satisfying sight! Anyone can use it; kids, guests, and grandparents alike.

Heatmiser zoned heating controls allow the property to be set to individual temperatures in all rooms. Do you like it warmer than someone else? Don’t worry, everyone has their own thermostat!

Savant provides a really easy way to get your music into any room. You can schedule it to come on in the morning for example, or simply blast it out everywhere when you’re home alone! All the audio zones have ceiling mounted speakers reducing clutter. This is also true for the TV rooms which have surround sound! Check out the lovely large ceiling space in the pool… Spot the speakers? Nope. They’re invisible plaster-over speakers! This room now looks as great as it sounds.

Intercom and cameras allow the owners to see who’s at the gates easily. How often have you been expecting a guest or delivery, only to miss them because you were, say, drying your hair? Here the owners just bring the gates camera up on the wall mounted iPad and keep an eye on it whilst blow drying! No more missed parcels.

A simple, but valuable bit of customer programming was requested when we realised the the intercom was a little complicated for the grandparents. They often look after the kids, but aren’t 100% confident using all the technology. Opening and closing the gates was something they struggled with so we repurposed the dimmer switch by the front door. Now there’s a physical button to open and close the gates, no apps or iPads necessary. Welcome home!

This is a great example of where knowing how the customer uses the system allows integrators like us to refine it to fit them best. Simply installing the tech is only the first part of the story.