Preparing your home for the winter months

Is your home ready for Winter?

With the days now shorter and the darker evenings well and truly here, the need for a Home Automation system that consists of smarter lighting control, home security and heating management are high in demand and definitely something home owners should be thinking about to make the transition from Autumn to Winter more satisfying and enjoyable in their homes.

Smart Lighting

It’s so difficult to feel positive and productive about your day when you’re waking up and returning home to darkness. We’ve all heard of the Winter blues, it can feel like we never see daylight, so coming home to a well-lit house is more inviting and cosier.

Introducing smart lighting into your home could be that little gem that makes your body and mind adjust accordingly to the change of seasons. You can schedule various lights across your home to automatically come on and off at certain times, this can coincide with sunrise and sunset.

You can also manage your lighting system from your smart phone or iPad, allowing you to switch on lights before you are due home so you are not walking into a house of darkness.

Creating several different lighting scenes can help set the mood for any occasion. Take a typical December grey day, well you can set your lighting so that is bright and uplifting and then when it’s time to relax, set your living room to be dimly lit, cosy and inviting.

Heating Control

Managing your heating over the colder months is beneficial for both cost saving and comfort purposes. Schedule your thermostat so that it recognises your needs and programmes the temperatures to increase in the morning, lower when no-one is in the property and then rise again ready for you arrive home to a warm house. No more wasted energy!

Home Security

Security should be a top priority in your house as you want to feel that you are always safe and protected in your own home. We can install CCTV cameras across the interior and exterior of your home and you can view this live data via your chosen smart phone or device, anywhere you choose.

Add a motion detection software to the system and you can be alerted when there is unrecognised movement inside and outside of your property, pair this with motion sensor lighting and you’ll feel reassured that any exterior alleyways or paths will be brightly lit for the safety of you and your family.

With the levels of technology and integration available today, there is very little you can’t control from your smartphone. From lighting, security, heating & entertainment, through to monitoring your health, paying your bills, ordering groceries and even booking a ski lesson, just be sure not to lose your phone!

Get in touch if you are interested in creating a Winter-ready smart home.