What is your dream smart home?

If you could describe your dream Smart Home, what would it be?

Our Cre8tive Rooms team our surrounded by all sorts of technology everyday, and with every project being so vastly different, we thought it would be fun to share with you what some of our team feel the most important and exciting features are to them and how they would describe their dream smart home.

First up, we spoke to Rob, our Support Manager:

“My ideal or fantasy Smart Home would be:

Voice controlled smart home systems, that does not use Google/Amazon/Microsoft Azure processing for acting on or answering voice commands. A truly smart and intuitive home control system whilst maintaining the privacy of not having all commands routed through the internet for processing like all the current smart speakers on the market, Siri, Cortana and ‘Hey Google’.

Aircraft/Aviation simulator, instead of a golf simulator, I’d love to build another aircraft simulator with realistic instruments and high-quality displays wrapped around the users cockpit for an immersive experience. I’ve had the benefit of being involved in both the aviation industry and having developed and built real multi-seat/multi-person simulators for Air Search and Rescue in British Columbia, Canada.

Like it or loathe is, I’m a fan of CCTV, so my ideal property would have external CCTV monitoring with simple but intuitive control, viewing and recording.

An excellent home cinema, just like the cinema systems we install at our customer sites (of which I’m quite envious) with a rocking speaker system, possibly a low frequency subwoofer in the seating to give the viewers a real bass sensation. Like a ‘shaker’ seat setup.

I also enjoy mood lighting, having those colour changing LED bulbs at home, it would be great to have RGB lighting round the entire property, maybe integrated with something like the Philips Ambiglow, there are some interesting alternative or accompanying systems coming onto the market such as DreamScreen and Lightpack.

My ideal home would be entirely self-sufficient powered by solar, wind and water energy recovery. Heat recovery and heat exchanger systems, with biogas being produced onsite using a digester. And finally, water collection, filtering and recycling. With enough outdoor space to grow your own fruit and veg you ‘could’ be entirely self-sufficient, although don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want to be a full time hippy/hermit type, think more like the Hobbits from Lord of the Rings.”

We will be sharing more from the Cre8tive team soon but if you have any questions on how we can help make your home smart, please get in touch with us today.