Simway Takes Hunting Simulators to the Next Level

Cre8tive Rooms is the UK distributer of the Swedish Simway hunting simulator. Their software enables unparalleled similarity to the real shooting experience and has been trialled and approved by the Swedish hunting association. Simway Hunt either comes with realistic weapon replicas or has a range of attachable devices to suit any rifle.

Whether you like to hunt pheasants, grouse or clay pigeon shooting, the Simway simulator tracks your gun barrel movement using accurate laser ammunition, so you can replay and analyse technique. The dual camera mode also lets you share any target to compete with friends.

For the less serious user Simway also has an arcade function to engage in a range of Wild West shoot outs – it really is great fun for group entertainment.

The only requirement is a small room with no direct sunlight as it uses a projector and prices start from £7,000. Contact us for a demonstration or further details.