Double Home Cinema In St Georges Hill

Home Cinema Installation Weybridge

We were initially requested to create an eight seat cinema, converting a downstairs formal lounge into a modern, state of the art, home cinema.

The design incorporated a false wall built to hide the centre, left and right channel Artcoustic Loudspeakers, along with two Artcoustic sub woofers behind the projection screen.

Rear staging was built including power to accommodate the four individual rear electrically reclining CineItalia cinema seats.

A ring of dimmable LED was added to the perimeter of the room to provide mood lighting when watching a movie.

Three large windows needed blinds with side channels to block out any direct sunlight. We used our trusted supplier, Q Motion.

All equipment retrospectively wired back to the plant room behind through ceiling voids. Acoustic treatment was added using a track system for all four walls.

We chose a Screen Innovations Slate AT ALR screen, paired with a Sony Laser Projector. This amazing projection screen offers an acoustically transparent screen with unrivalled ALR qualities which enables the family to watch TV and movies in all situations.

As a result of the work commencing on the home cinema, we were asked by the client to design a cinema that could be hidden into the master bedroom. The brief was to symmetrically install something that offered the same level of quality as the ground floor cinema. We used the Screen Innovations ZERO G drop down screen, with slate ALR material due to the light nature of the room.

We managed to hide the entire screen in the ceiling void. The screen drops out of the ceilings ‘trap doors’ and lowers itself on the wire, giving the appearance of a screen floating in zero gravity.

The Artcoustic ceiling speakers and subwoofer offer brilliant sound quality and give the entire system that ultimate cinema feel.

Again, to match the ground floor cinema, the Sony Laser projector was used, not only is the 4k picture incredible but it is very quiet compared to a non-laser unit, which is perfect for bedtime viewing.

Both home cinemas are controlled by their Control4 home automation system, lowering the blinds as the cinema is turned on, all from the click of one button.