Innovative ways to disguise your TV

We all love having a nice TV in our home, but what a lot of people don’t like is when technology begins to become the main feature of a room. There are so many products on the market today that allow your television to be hidden from view and bridge the gap between technology and visual appeal.

We will share with you some of our favourite and innovative ways to achieve this in your home.

Mirror TV

Mirrors are a fantastic focal point and feature of a room and what better way to have a both a mirror and TV in one without compromise on quality? AquaVision and AGATH have a beautiful selection to choose from and even specialise in waterproof TVs if you’re thinking of bringing your bathroom to life.

TV Lift Mechanisms

Bespoke TV lift mechanisms can be designed and built to meet your exact needs and can be built into worktops, cabinets and even ceilings. We really meant it when we said you can disguise your TV.

A work of Art

If you’re a fan of art then this will be the option for you. Proof that TVs can be pretty too. More and more companies are releasing these products however, Samsung have released ‘The Frame’, which is designed to complement your home, whatever the design. Browse the wide range of wooden frames and artwork designs and pick the design that best enhances your home.


State of the art projectors offer great resolution and the option to watch your favourite shows on a larger screen. Bring the cinema experience home with the added bonus of it only being on display when you want to use it. A great space saver too!

If you’re interested in updating your TV and creating the wow factor in your home Contact us today.