Consider how you want your sound to look

Often when building or renovating a new home, great attention is paid to lighting design but the audio is an afterthought. Yet if properly considered at the design stage, for not much extra cost, a fully immersive sound solution can be achieved, which spreads the sound evenly throughout the house or room with no ‘sound hotspots’. Another benefit is that speakers can be concealed in the ceiling or wall, or carefully placed or designed to integrate with your lighting design.

The latest speakers can either be completely invisible and concealed behind bespoke plaster board within a wall, without comprising on sound quality. Another solution is speakers fully recessed into the ceiling in a variety of different shapes to blend seamlessly with ceiling lights, as opposed to previous ceiling speakers which detract from the interior aesthetics. We can also link all lighting and music to a Savant home automation app – allowing full control with the click of a button.

We work with developers, designers and private clients to design and install the latest home audio solutions as part of a complete residential technology solution. Get in touch if you’d like further information or a full demo.